What happens the day of surgery?

Upon your arrival, you should check in at the registration window. When the surgical suite becomes available, you will be escorted by our surgical nurse to the Mohs surgical suites. If you have not had a consultation visit, our staff or the doctor will go through the procedure with you and answer any questions you may have. After this, the Mohs stages will be taken.

After the first stage, a pressure dressing will be placed over your surgical wound and you will be free to leave the surgical suite. It takes some time for the slides to be prepared and studied. During this time, you may wait in the waiting room, read a book or magazine, or take a short walk.

Most Mohs surgery cases are completed in 1-3 stages. Each stage involves the removal and microscopic examination of your skin for cancer. Therefore, the majority of cases are finished during one day. Once we are sure that we have totally removed your skin cancer, we will discuss our recommendations for dealing with your surgical wound with you.
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