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Thank you for being a patient at Solano Dermatology Associates.



Our providers see thousands of patients a year at our multiple locations.


Online review sites such as Google, Yelp and Facebook have only a handful of reviews of Solano Dermatology.



In the past we have not asked patients that are happy with our services to review us online, and this has resulted in a small number of reviews, many of them unhappy with our services. While some of these reviews may have some validity, due to privacy laws we are unable to respond and correct inaccuracies. Some reviews are due to misunderstandings by patients regarding medical insurance and billings required by law. Some of these negative reviews are the result of employees that no longer work at Solano Dermatology. We feel these online reviews portray Solano Dermatology unfairly and are grossly unrepresentative of the views of the vast majority of the thousands of patients we see each year.

We would appreciate you taking the time to review us on one or more of these sites.


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