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Botox® Cosmetic is the most common nonsurgical anti-aging treatment.  It is a safe and effective way to reduce or eliminate lines on the face caused by use of the facial muscles.  With a few injections the areas treated can smooth out and give you a younger, relaxed look, with results lasting a few months and follow-up treatments often lasting longer.

Botox® Cosmetic is a natural purified protein that is injected into the targeted muscles of the face and blocks nerve impulses that cause contractions.  The absence of muscle contractions prevents the skin from being bunched and creating lines.  The protein does not travel elsewhere in the body, so there are no unwanted effects from a treatment.  There is a potential of bruising from the injection, and one of our expert providers can discuss with you possible outcomes and rare side effects.

Within the first few days the treatment starts to take effect and the majority of patients see significant improvement at 7 – 10 days, and further improvement for up to a month.  Results can last up to four months, however individual outcomes may vary.

Our practice has an excellent relationship with the makers and suppliers of Botox Cosmetic ® and participate in the Brilliant distinctions® program, allowing patients to earn points for their treatments which can be used for special perks.

As with all cosmetic procedures it is best to consult with one of our providers on your specific concerns so that you receive the best treatment, or combination of treatments, for you.  The cost of Botox depends on a number of factors, including how much is used and will be discussed with you during your consult.

We provide Botox® in our St. Helena, Napa, Vallejo, Fairfield, and Vacaville offices.
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