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Office Policies

Welcome to our Office

To help ensure the highest quality of service and care to our patients we have several office policies and procedures.  We ask that if you have any questions or concerns with these procedures that you address them with the staff prior to your office visit.

What to Bring:

We require that you always bring the following to your office visit:

  • Insurance card
  • Identification card
  • Co-pay for insurance patients and full payment for self-pay patients (cash, check or visa/mc)
  • Authorization (if your insurance requires it)
  • A guardian (if you are not of legal age)
  • Yourself, on time

If you do not bring the following items with you, Solano Dermatology Associates has the right to have you reschedule or cancel your existing appointment.

Insurance Cards:  All patients who will be utilizing their insurance coverage are required to bring their current insurance card to each office visit.  A copy will be made and placed in the patient’s chart.  If the patient does not have their insurance card then the patient will have to cancel or be seen as self-pay.  A cancellation fee may be charged for failure to provide this information.

Identification Cards:  ID cards will be required at each office visit.  A copy will be made during the first visit and placed in the chart.  However, it may be requested at any subsequent visit to the office.  A cancellation fee may be charged for failure to provide this information.

Co-pays:  Patient’s who have a Co-pay as part of an agreement with their insurance carrier will be required to pay prior to meeting with the provider for each visit.  It is the patient’s responsibility to bring cash, check or visa/mc with them.  The appointment will be cancelled if the patient does not bring appropriate means of payment.  A cancellation fee may be charged for failure to provide this information.

Authorizations:  Authorizations are an arrangement between patients and their insurance carrier.  Authorizations are required prior to treatment.  It is the patient’s responsibility to bring a copy of their authorization from their primary care doctor to the specialist.  If a patient does not bring their authorization with them, then their appointment will be cancelled and the patient will have to reschedule or be seen as a self-pay patient.  A cancellation fee may be charged for failure to provide this information.

Legal Guardians:  All minors are required to have a Parent or Guardian present with them.  We would like to aid in the treatment of minors as much as possible, although in most circumstances, by law we are required to have consent from a legal guardian to provide such treatment.  If a minor comes to the office unattended they will be required to cancel or reschedule.  If a guardian cannot attend the appointment with them then arrangements with the office need to be made prior to the appointment.  A cancellation fee may be charged for failure to bring a guardian.

Late Patients:  Patients are required to be on time to their appointment.  If possible patients should arrive a few minutes early to check in and fill out any required paperwork.  If a patient is more than 15 minutes late for an appointment, the appointment may be cancelled.  It will be at the discretion of the provider and the front desk staff to determine if there will be enough time to see the patient without making other patients wait.  A cancellation fee may be charged if your appointment has to be cancelled.

Cancellations/No Shows:  Prior to an appointment our office will try to contact the patient as a reminder of the appointment.  If the patient is unable to attend they are required to give 24-hours notice.  If this notice is not given in time, or not at all, then the patient may be charged a charge of $35.00US.  This fee is our minimum established patient office visit.  Anything less than 24 hours notice does not allow us enough time to ensure another patient can be scheduled.

Self-Pay Patients:  Patients that are responsible for their medical bill are required to pay at the time of service.  The front desk staff will not be able to quote exact prices prior to the appointment.  Your bill will be determined by the provider based on the recommended course of treatment.

Cosmetic Procedures:  All cosmetic treatments require payment in advance.  Due to the high expense of the professional supplies, equipment, and the extent of the appointment, prior payment is always required.  All new cosmetic procedures require a cosmetic consult with a provider.  Advance notice of cancellation is required.  If you fail to show up for your cosmetic procedure or do not provide 24 hour notice of a cancellation, partial or full cost of the procedure will be assessed.  All patients undergoing cosmetic procedures are required to sign an agreement based on our specific policies prior to payment and treatment (one week prior to the appointment).

Scheduling:  Certain procedures in our office require special, advanced planning and scheduling with the providers.  Therefore, you may not be able to be scheduled with the provider at the time of your call.  However, the person specific to your needs will call you back at his or her earliest convenience.

Prescription Refills:  Patients need to contact their pharmacy when a refill is needed.  The pharmacy will then forward us a request.  A provider will either refill the prescription or deny it.  The provider may deny the renewal based on the drug type or based on the fact that the patient needs to be seen in the office prior to the renewal.

Copy of Medical Records:  We are happy to provide copies of records to you or any of your personal physicians; however, we do require a signature to release the records.  A fee will be charged to cover the time of the staff and the cost of the supplies utilized to provide these records.

Thank you for choosing Solano Dermatology Associates for your Dermatologic Needs.