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Laser Surgery

We have ten different laser systems in our office; they all perform different functions. They range from intense pulsed light therapy which will improve the red faces patients get from chronic sun-damage, to the Fraxel Repair CO2 Laser, which dramatically improves heavy wrinkling and severe sun-damage. We have gentle resurfacing lasers, which can improve your appearance with minimal downtime, minimizing wrinkles and acne scars of the face. This laser can even be used safely on the hands and chest.

We have lasers that will take care of brown spots, tattoos, red spots and other birthmarks.

We also have lasers that treat leg veins particularly endovenous laser ablation, which can treat severe varicose veins with just a puncture wound in the knee sealing the length of the vein inside with the laser avoiding extensive surgery required for old-fashioned stripping. Endovenous Laser Ablation can greatly improve patients with chronic pain and swelling of the leg, and varicose veins.

We have lasers to remove hair. These lasers typically take multiple treatments for effective management, however offer many benefits of hair removal over shaving or waxing.

We have the new Excimer laser to treat chronic psoriasis of the hands, elbows and knees that is often resistant to treatment. Some patients respond dramatically to the Excimer laser even after two or three treatments.

There are many different laser systems and they all perform different functions. Offices that have one or two lasers are not offering patients the full spectrum of what lasers can do for their skin.

“Laser Surgery” encompasses many different lasers all designed to treat different diseases, both medical and surgical, both cosmetic and noncosmetic;

Currently our office has ten lasers on site and has access to additional lasers if necessary.  Some onsite lasers:

The list of lasers is long and each laser has a different wave of light and, thus, a different target in the skin.  Therefore, each laser is used for specific types of lesions.  Some of the uses for these lasers and devices are:

  • Acne – IPL, PDT
  • Acne Scarring – Fraxel, CO2
  • Birthmarks – PDL, YAG
  • Brown spots/age spots – YAG, Fraxel, IPL, CO2
  • Eczema – UVB
  • In-grown hair (folliculitis) – Sheer
  • Pre-cancers & actinic keratosis – PDT, Fraxel, CO2
  • Psoriasis – UVB, XTRAC
  • Red lines & general redness – KTP, IPL, PDL
  • Skin tightening – Luminis
  • Stretch marks – Luminis
  • Tattoos – YAG
  • Unwanted hair – Sheer
  • Varicose leg veins – Diomed EVLT
  • Vitiligo – UVB, XTRAC
  • Wrinkles & aging skin – Fraxel, CO2, IPL, Luminis
  • Warts – PDL

Your practitioner will decide which device is best suited for your condition and your skin type.