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Skin Cancer Skin Check Screening Events

Come to our skin cancer screening event held in our Fairfield office in May.

Call our Fairfield office at (707) 399-4500 to get enrolled for this event.

Information for our 2011 skin cancer screening event

2010 Screening Event Saved Lives – Article Published in Vacaville Chamber

Facts about the Sun and your Skin

Dermatologic surgery and Mohs Micrographic Surgery in particular is the treatment of choice for skin cancer, particularly skin cancers of the central face. Mohs surgeons have more experience treating skin cancer and reconstructing small defects on and around the face than any other specialist.

In our practice we perform over 2,000 Mohs surgical procedures per year and over 5000 surgical procedures in total annually.

Melanoma is epidemic around the world.

Young women between the ages of 15 and 29 have more rapidly increasing rates of melanoma when compared to young men. The only difference found between young woman and men in an attempt to explain this variation is the use of tanning booths.

Melanoma and all skin cancer can be directly associated with ultraviolet damage from the sun, both UVA and UVB sun rays can cause skin cancer. Tanning booths are essentially akin to smoking cigarettes as they are both known carcinogens.

The skin cancer epidemic is truly alarming. One in five Americans will develop some sort of skin cancer during their lifetimes. Most of these are basal and squamous cell carcinomata, which while not often life-threatening can indeed be so and can be disfiguring particularly when mismanaged or neglected.

Melanoma is a leading killer in this country; it is the leading form of cancer in young people between the ages of 25 through 29 and the second most common form of cancer in adolescents between the ages of 15 through 29.

One American dies of melanoma almost every hour with nearly 9,000 deaths from melanoma in 2009.

Early detection of melanoma can save lives. Early melanomas have up to a 99 percent survival rate.

Early detection and prompt treatment is important for all forms of skin cancer.

Early detection of skin cancer is the key reason to see your dermatologist for a full-skin check once a year. This will help prevent death from skin cancer and disfiguring surgery from neglected cancers.