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What is PRP?

PRP is an office procedure where a preparation, made in a lab, from a patient’s whole blood is injected back into the same patient to stimulate healing and promote tissue remodeling in aging skin.

The preparation is from whole blood where platelet-derived growth factors are concentrated.

How does PRP work?

The blood from a patient is put in a centrifuge to create a potent serum that promotes and accelerates the rejuvenation of aging skin.

Collagen and elastin provide the skin’s flexibility, vitality, and radiance.  These growth factors that are injected into the skin are used to stimulate collagen formation to replace the collagen that has been lost due to aging.

Growth factors also promote the growth of new blood vessels to oxygenate the skin. 

How is PRP used for facial rejuvenation?

PRP facial rejuvenation is also often referred to as a “Vampire Facelift”. When combined with microneedling, it can smooth and tighten the skin.

PRP recruits the body’s natural healing processes to reduce lines, wrinkles, scars, pigmentation issues, as well as skin volume, texture and firmness.  

It is minimally invasive, and safe and effective for skin rejuvenation, firming, and hydrating.

It is frequently used in patient’s with thin skin, enhancing thickness and quality because it regenerates tissue.